The Academy of Dental CPAs

As a business owner, your choice of CPA can have a profound impact on your company. A skilled CPA will help you minimize tax burden, assist with audits, payroll, and cash flow, and generate financial reports for your review.

However, an ADCPA member offers the added benefit of their specialized experience with the unique needs facing dental professionals and practices.

What is the ADCPA?

The Academy of Dental CPAs, or ADCPA, is an organization comprised entirely of accountants and financial advisors who have extensive experience working with dentists. ADCPA members meet regularly to share training and workshops, to discuss industry changes, trends, and best practices, and to learn about new techniques and technologies in dentistry.

The ADCPA’s mission is to enhance the expertise of its members through the sharing of knowledge and resources, which are then used to provide accounting, tax, and business consulting services to dental professionals.

What can an ADCPA member do for me?

With their specialized resources and experience, an ADCPA member can provide more targeted support for you and your practice. A skilled dental CPA can not only generate your financial reports, but can also use them to analyze the health of your business, including:

  • How do you compare to other businesses in your market?
  • Are there ways to further minimize next year’s tax burden?
  • Do you have the right number of staff for your production?
  • Is your hygiene production appropriate for your staffing?
  • Is it time to expand or invest in new technology?
  • Could case acceptance and patient conversion rates be improved?

ADCPA members are dedicated to promoting the practice health and success of dental professionals. Contact ADCPA President and founding member Allen Schiff at (410) 321-7707 or by email at to learn more about what an ADCPA member can do for you.