Towson Dental CPA | 3 Tips to Empower Your Dental Team and Your Practice

As the front line of your practice, your dental team is crucial to your business goals. Their performance, attitude, and communication can determine if a patient has a fantastic visit or a frustrating one. Here are four tips that can help you empower your team, improving patient retention and overall happiness in the workplace.

A Healthy, Positive Culture

Your first priority toward a loyal, productive team should be establishing a welcoming and comfortable office culture. Being open to feedback and transparent in your motives will make the atmosphere of your practice something that your team looks forward to each day. Encourage your team with attainable goals and ensure that all criticism is constructive, yet humble.

Communication Goes Two Ways

When it comes to proper communication, don’t forget that listening is just as important as speaking up. Your team should feel comfortable with voicing their concerns.

As the leader, there are times when it is important to gain the approval of your team. If issues arise in performance, between employees, or surrounding changes, don’t ignore them. Talk to your team and listen to their perspective. Be fair in your assessment and just in your decisions.

Bring Out the Best

A powerful team requires powerful recruiting. Finding talented team members depends on competitive salaries and the chance for growth. By rewarding your team for their best efforts, you can help them feel confident and loyal to your practice.

Even more important than recruiting, however, is retention. Train your team to strengthen their skills, and step in when they are feeling the strain. Make sure you cross-train where appropriate, to reduce the impact that vacations or turnover may have on your team’s wellbeing. If you ensure their work environment allows them to thrive, then they will.

Building your dream team can push your practice ahead while establishing a positive experience for patients, employees, and yourself. If you are in need of a healthy change for your practice, then don’t hesitate. Our team at Schiff & Associates can bring you the management consulting you need to empower your practice and your staff. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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