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Survey Results Are In!

As a member of the Academy of Dental CPAs (ADCPA), Schiff & Associates was tasked with supplying Dental Economics (DE) with data for their annual fee survey. This year, DE requested regional information for 10 fees of the most common procedures from dental practices around the country.

The data is now compiled, and we would like to share the regional survey results so that you may compare your dental practice’s fees with other participating dentists in your region.

Please click on the following hyperlink to view the ADCPA/DE Annual Fee Survey results: Dental Economics Annual Fee Survey

At Schiff & Associates, we are always looking for ways to improve the profitability within the dental practices we represent.

For those of you that are not dental clients of Schiff & Associates, please do not consider this a “solicitation.” We hope that the statistical information gathered from area dentists will provide you with valuable information which you will implement in order to improve your productivity, efficiency, and practice profitability.

Wishing you the very best,

Allen Schiff, CPA, CFE
Schiff & Associates, LLC