Towson MD Dental CPA – Associate needed full time

Salisbury NC 

Associate position with great potential!  Established and growing practice in central NC, less than an hour from Greensboro and Charlotte, has a rare opportunity for an Associate that is looking for a career with purpose and professional fulfillment!  Modern technology (including Cone Beam, Cerec and Microscope for Endodontics), compassionate care and personal customer service are the cornerstones of the practice.  High annual production and collection with growth potential in areas such as implant placement and sleep medicine.  Dedicated support team, long term patient relationships and established office procedures provide a foundation for the practice to run efficiently.

***Fee-for-Service practice      *** 8 Operatories     ***3 FT Hygienists

This position provides the opportunity for an Associate to practice the dentistry they dreamed of with the potential for remarkable success.

Please send CV/ Resume to

Effective Goal-Setting: Making Dreams into Reality

Dental CPA in TowsonNo matter how impressive your vision for your business may be, dreams require hard work, strategic planning, and a willingness to adapt to make them real. Highly successful business owners learn to set goals realistically and effectively. Master the skills of effective goal-setting, strategic planning, and assessment to find greater success in your business.

Set Incremental Goals

Start small when setting goals. Establish daily and weekly goals. It can be easy to let ambition take over while you dream of long-term goals. However, you cannot reach your long-term goals without smaller victories along the way. Setting smaller, incremental goals provides the opportunity for you to be in constant control of your business. You will know if you miss a weekly goal, and you can then adjust your strategy to make sure it never happens again. If you are only setting quarterly or yearly goals it can come as a surprise when you miss them, or your team might be left struggling to meet them at the last minute.

Make Goals Visible

You and your team need a visual reminder of what your goals are and when you plan to achieve them. Put them up on a bulletin board in the office, include them on your calendar. Write your goals in a place you look daily as a constant reminder. We all have those back-of-the-mind thoughts or ideas that might be good if implemented, but they are frequently forgotten. Make your goals visible to you and your entire team.

Goals Need to be Measured

How will you know if you achieved your goal if you cannot measure it? Goals should have a measurable standard. Perhaps your goal is to see 10 new clients by the end of each month or to increase the number of referrals by 50% before the end of the quarter. Pick specific numbers and concepts that can be defined in a concrete way. Abstract goals are harder to reach because they are too difficult to define. When goals are measurable, you will know exactly what you need to achieve your desired result.

Rethink the way you are setting your goals for your business. Your ambitious plans will be successful only if you have a road map to reach them. This is where effective goal setting comes in. Get into the habit of writing down your goals and measuring them. Effective goal-setting strategies take careful planning. Master these skills and you will be on your way to the business success you have dreamed of achieving.

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MONDAY -THURSDAY 8:30 – 4:30  Carroll County, Maryland

Wonderful opportunity to provide excellent care in a beautiful, fast-growing, and thriving private dental practice in affluent Howard County, Maryland.  We average 75+ new patients each month!  No obligation to purchase but owner doctor is nearing retirement and beginning to look for his replacement.

  • Modern a-dec equipment in all six operatories
  • Digital practice management, scheduling, X-rays and CEREC cad/cam
  • Virtually unlimited income potential
  • Compensation based on production, not collection
  • Daily guaranteed minimum throughout, not just to start
  • Paid liability insurance and continuing education
  • Employer contribution to health insurance
  • Profit sharing 401k plan
  • Additional days available if desired
  • Will consider new graduates and those with experience
  • Owner takes pleasure in mentoring new graduates
  • Wonderful staff committed to your success
  • Very visible location with plenty of parking
  • Position available immediately

If interested, please email Allen Schiff, CPA, CFE at  your Resume / CV