Complimentary Dental Practice Valuation & Assessment

Receive Your Complimentary Dental Practice Valuation & Assessment

This Complimentary Dental Practice Valuation & Assessment will provide your practice with a full range of fair market value as well as insights into a number of opportunities to maximize the selling price of your practice at no cost to you.

Benefits of having this Complimentary Dental Practice Valuation & Assessment performed on your practice:

  • Expertise on how to buy/sell your dental practice
  • Advice from a Dental Practice Valuation & Assessment expert
  • A clear plan for the transition of your dental practice

Your Dental Practice Exit Strategy

Happy New Year! I hope you are doing well. Things are beginning to slow down again after an amazing finish in 2015. If you are familiar with dental practice sales, you know the majority of the transitions take place at the end of the year or the very beginning of the new year. When I say slow down, “I mean we will close 1-2 dental practice sales per month on average versus 9-10 in December and January.” You can say this is a seasonal business.

According to recent ADA figures, today only 6% of dentists in America can comfortably retire at age 60. This information warrants the question, “What measures are you taking to ensure the independence and freedom you desire upon retirement?” We recently launched a NEW program this month combined with our accounting company, Schiff & Associates that will maximize the net sale proceeds of our clients’ dental practices. This program is designed to benefit all general dentists or dental specialists planning on retiring in the next 5-10 years. If you are planning on retiring in the near future this program will not benefit you, but we will still want to talk to you so we can customize a special program to maximize the return of your life-long investment.

We wanted to reach out to as many local dentists in the Mid-Atlantic Region as possible that are considering retiring in the next 5-10 years.  Our NEW program is designed to benefit you while you are currently in practice and also benefit you when it is time to finally retire.  My NEW program will benefit you NOW and LATER. I would love to come out to visit your practice for a free no obligation consultation and explain exactly what I am referring to and exactly how the program works. If you are unable to meet in person I will be happy to explain over the phone but eventually I will need to see your office for you to receive the maximum return possible.  Please contact me ASAP to setup an appointment to get the process started. I promise you will be glad that you did.

Eric Schiff and his father Allen M. Schiff, CPA combined have over 50 years experience in the dental industry. Together they founded Schiff Dental Brokerage, LLC., a company that specializes in building your dental practice to sell. Schiff Dental Brokerage is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Contact 410-321-7707 or email

Bethesda Dental Practice Seeking General Dentist

Bethesda Dental Practice Now Hiring Dental Associate:

General Dentist:   Amazing opportunity for a personable, skilled and enthusiastic individual to join our team.  We have 2 offices and enjoy state of the art surroundings in a very nice environment.  We are looking for that special person who would fall in the top 5% of the profession who wants to make a serious commitment to their future with an equity position possible.  Please email your resume and photo along with a cover letter explaining what is special about you and what you can bring to enhance the practice to