Nationwide Dental Practice Buyer RepresentationDental Practice Buyer Representation

When the time comes to hire a professional to represent you with the purchase of a dental practice, you should be looking for a dental CPA that specializes in buying and selling dental practices as well as dental practice buyer representation.  In my experience in life you get what you pay for and trying to save a few bucks by hiring a dental broker that is not a dental CPA or dental broker that was a former dentist will cost you money in the long run.  We advise you need to hire a Dental CPA that has years of experience with not only dental practices, but dental practice transitions as well.  After all this maybe the largest and most important transaction in your lifetime.  This decision will not only affect your life but your family’s as well.  What sets you apart from the competition is the professional’s you surround yourself with.

In dental practice transitions, Schiff Dental Brokerage will represent either the Buyer or the Seller but never both in the same transaction. We don’t believe in dual representation as in our eyes it’s a conflict of interest for the seller of the dental practice.  Our expertise in dental practice valuations and dental practice negotiations is unparalleled across the nation.  As the Mid-Atlantic Regions only member and founding members of the Academy of Dental CPAs we have all the resources at our fingertips to make sure you get the best representation possible.

If you locate a dental practice you are interested in buying that we do not have listed for sale, we are available to represent you as your dental practice consultant. In representing you as a Buyer consultant, the services provided in this package include:

  • Dental Practice Valuation of the practice and cash flow analysis via practice documentation, on-site inspection and Seller questionnaires
  • Complete due diligence review of Seller’s Dental practice after acceptance of offer
  • Complimentary consultation with a dental practice advisor
  • Negotiation on your behalf with the Seller and their representatives concerning all phases of practice acquisition and building/real estate lease/ purchase
  • Drafting of purchase offer (LOI) including unlimited changes
  • Aid in obtaining lender financing for practice/ real property (if necessary)
  • Legal evaluation of purchase agreement and all closing documents
  • Dental Practice Patient Transition Letter
  • Presence at closing

All Fees for Dental Practice Buyer Representation will be quoted on a flat-fee basis assuming all services listed above are completed.  Contact Allen Schiff for additional information.