Schiff Dental Clients Update , Thursday , May 7, 2020 7:30 AM

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Schiff Dental Clients Update , Thursday , May 7, 2020 7:30 AM


COVID-19 Update: Dental Practice Reopening and PPE Survey

Yesterday, Governor Hogan (Maryland) announced effective at 7 AM today (Thursday, May 7th), elective and non-emergency health care procedures, including dental procedures, can begin provided that the office has in place the measures outlined in the Maryland Department of Health’s (MDH) regulations dated Wednesday, May 6, 2020. Please see below the full e-mail from the MSDA , Greg Buckler, IOM, MBA, MSM, Executive Director and Dr Marlene Shevenell, President.

PPP Loans – now what?

Now that the States of Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina and Virginia are open or will be opened shortly, we are suggesting to each of you to start spending your PPP Loan Proceeds now. Please keep in mind under the current guidelines, you must spend at least 75% or more of your PPP Loan Proceeds (within the 8-weeks of beginning on the date of receipt) on the following as Payroll Costs (defined as Employee Wages, Your annual Wages limited to $100,000, Health Insurance for your team, 401k match / SIMPLE Match for your team and your State Unemployment Costs). The remaining 25% of your PPP Loan can be spent on Rent, Utilities (Telephone, Gas & Electric, Internet Access and Water) and interest on a Mortgage that was in place prior to February 15, 2020.

Some of the questions you may have are as follows:

  1. Can I pay my team a bonus? If so how much?
  2. Can I pay family members?
  3. Can I give my employees a raise?
  4. What happens if some of the employees refuse to come back to work due to what they are receiving as Unemployment Benefits?
  5. Can I wait until week #7 to pay 8 weeks of salary?
  6. Now that you received your PPP Funds, do you as the employer need to contact your States Unemployment Division?
  7. Can employees who work reduced hours, can they still collect “partial” unemployment?
  8. Can we pay employees who remain at home and are collecting unemployment , a bonus?
  9. Do you need to have a separate Checking Account for your PPP Loan?

PPP Loan Accountability

Please keep in mind, at the end of the 8-week period, we will have to render an “accounting” to your PPP Lender. We are suggesting you maintain a file that consist of your Payroll Reports (Weekly, biweekly or bi-monthly), copies of invoices & canceled checks to support your Rent, Telephone, Gas & Electric, Internet Access and Water) and interest on a Mortgage that was in place prior to February 15, 2020. We have attached an excel worksheet to this e mail to help you account for your spending of your PPP Loan Proceeds during your 8-week period. If you need our help, please reach out to your Schiff Team Member.

PPE Equipment and Supplies

If you are in need of PPE Equipment and / or supplies, please click here   For further information , please e mail >> Jay Glazer at  >>

ADA – Return to work Interim Guidance Toolkit

You may want to consider visiting the ADA Web Site “Return to work Interim Guidance Toolkit”. The web site has an abundance of interim guidance information along with Sample Letters. Please click here>>

SBA issues PPP guidance on laid-off employees who refuse to be rehired

Dental Practices that have received PPP loans can exclude laid-off employees from loan forgiveness reduction calculations if the employees turn down a written offer to be rehired This is according to new guidance from the SBA. Furthermore, the SBA has warned the employees who reject offers of reemployment may find themselves ineligible to continue receiving unemployment benefits.

We are anticipating the interim final rule will specify that a PPP borrower may exclude an employee from loan forgiveness calculations if the borrower made a good-faith, written offer of rehire and also documented the employee’s rejection of that offer. You may want to check with your HR Attorney on what the documentation should look like.

EIDL Loans – Update

Many of you were contacted yesterday (Wednesday, May 6, 2020), that your SBA EIDL Loan has been approved. Many of your approvals are at the range of $150,000. If you accept this approval, it will amortize over 30 years at 3.75% Fixed, with the 1st Twelve (12) months deffered. These EIDL Funds can be used for your payables, like Dental Supplies, Lab Fees, Office Supplies etc. We are recommending you do NOT use the EIDL funds to pay any Payroll. Please use your PPP Funds for your future as mentioned above.

ADCPA PODCAST – How to use the EIDL & PPP Funds?

Here is a great ADCPA Podcast on “How to use , the EIDL & PPP Loans”? Please listen  to Art of Dental Finance and Management on Apple Podcasts. I have attached to this e-mail the David Hochman Checklist – reopening your Dental office as mentioned in the ADCPA Podcast.


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