Important COVID-19 Banking Information

Due to the recent development of COVID-19, your banking information may have changed:

Bank Terms
Affinity Bank 1 day turn around on Lines of Credit (if existing customer) and 3 months deferred payments.
Bank of America Interest only 90 days, must request
Bank of America 60 day deferral of payments + line of credit
BBVA Compass 60 day deferral of payments + line of credit
Chase 60 day deferral of payments or interest only for 60 days + line of credit
Citicorp Currently working on a deferral program on a case by case basis
First Citizens No payments for 60 days (must request), business unsecured loans for up to 24 months with a low fixed interest rate
Lendeavor 60 days deferred payments
M&T 90 day payment deferral,interest accrues during the 3 months
PNC Interest only 90 days & possible 90 day total deferment
PNC 60 day deferment
Prosperity Bank 60 day deferral of payments + line of credit
South State Interest only 120 days
Wells Fargo 3 month deferment
Zion Bank Review each request, It could be a line of credit, interest only period, or a deferment of P&I for a period of time
SBA Express Loan Payment , limited to 10% of Fee Income , priced at prime 3.25% plus 1% to 3%
Student Loans Will be mandated to come up with a payment deferral program;


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