Confidentiality Agreement

Want detailed information about one of our listings?

If you interested in one of our listings, you will need to submit a Confidentiality Agreement Form.

The Confidentiality Agreement will allow you to submit your request for detailed information regarding one of our dental practices for sale.  If multiple people want to request information, he or she must also fill out and sign a Confidentiality Agreement. Make sure you print your name clearly at the top in the allotted space, sign & date the bottom. Your signature acknowledges and represents that the information you supply on the form is accurate and that you agree to abide by all the terms.

How to Submit the Signed Confidentiality Agreement
1. Fax the completed forms with cover sheet to 410-321-7006 Attention Allen Schiff
2. Email the signed form to
3. Upload Your Signed Confidentiality Agreement Now

To assist with processing your Confidentiality Agreement Form in a timely manner, please provide an e-mail address, contact phone number, and specific practice or practices requested on the cover sheet or on the Confidentiality Agreement Form.

What’s Next?
After your Confidentiality Agreement has been received, the Schiff Dental Brokerage Team will contact you via phone or e-mail with the details of the practice you requested within 1 business day.