About Us

Schiff Dental Brokerage, LLC is a full-service firm exclusively serving the dental industry. Founded by Allen M. Schiff and his son Eric, Schiff Dental Brokerage has been widely recognized as an innovative leader in the field of dentistry.  Our professional business services include: Dental Associate Placement, Dental Accounting, Dental Software Implementation, Tax Minimization Techniques, Wealth Accumulation, Dental Practice Management, Overhead Minimization, Profitability Maximization, Retirement Planning, Marketing, Fee, Salary & Productivity Analysis, Dental Practice Valuations, Dental Practice Transition Services & Dental Practice Buy-Ins / Dental Practice Buy-Outs.  Our outstanding reputation for personalized service and confidentiality has allowed us to facilitate over 1,000 dental practice transactions throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  Our years of experience have allowed us to develop unique strategic solutions assisting dentists in achieving their goals.

When it comes time for a doctor to transition their dental practice numerous decisions have to be addressed.  Transitioning a dental practice will be one of the largest business decisions a dentist will have to go through.  Schiff Dental Brokerage specializes in dental practice management services for all dental specialties.  Those clients, who have engaged our services, will experience our structured exit strategies making their transition process to the settlement table stress free.

It is much more effective and in fact, cost efficient to engage a professional that deals with these types of transactions on a daily basis and knows all the “ins and outs” of the dental business.

By using a dental qualified broker like Schiff Dental Brokerage, you will be assured that you only pay a commission fee when the transaction is complete. A dentist should engage a dental broker to sell their practice just like I would hire a dentist to do a root canal.  I wouldn’t just look in the mirror and try the root canal on my own part! In an effect, “stick to” what you do best!

Schiff Dental Brokerage is extremely educated in the dental field and has the ability to accurately determine the “economics” your business. We have established relationships and resources you will need to complete the transition.

We have resources with lenders that specialize in dental practice financing, dental equipment specialists as well as commercial real estate lease specialists, just to name a few. We will help you obtain the market value of your practice, advertise and market your practice, keep the transaction confidential and save you time and aggravation. A well as handling all correspondence to include, emails, phone calls, and the showings that can take place after business hours.
Sellers should be careful of trying to save money on the commissions by selling the dental practice without a qualified dental broker like Schiff Dental Brokerage as they can lose thousands of dollars in Legal, Accounting and Advertising fees and most importantly their time, and not even sell the practice.

A doctor’s practice value is more important than ever to his future financial security.  When it comes to planning a secure financial future, a dentist’s retirement plan, IRA accumulations and sale of their dental practice are the most important assets to fund a financially secure retirement.  Schiff Dental Brokerage specializes in structuring the sale of your dental practice, in conjunction with Social Security benefits and Roth IRA conversion, in the most tax-efficient manner.  With funds for retirement at a premium, we assist our clients in securing the money they can’t afford to lose through creative strategies.

Schiff Dental Brokerage has extensive experience in structuring co-ownership arrangements including buy-in strategies, partnerships, mergers, compensation formulas and facility sharing arrangements.  We guide our clients through the whole host of issues encountered during any transition. Our areas of expertise include maintaining the goodwill of your practice, patient retention, informing your employees, obtaining financing for buyers, assisting with the transfer of your lease or real estate, associate contract analysis and many more.

Schiff Dental Brokerage is the only dental brokerage in the Mid-Atlantic region owned and operated by a Dental CPA with over 35 years of experience in the transition of a dental practice.  Our detailed practice valuation is a true assessment of the current fair market value and potential areas for improvement.  Our valuations include review of financial information for the most recent years of operation, while taking into consideration current assets including dental equipment, fee schedule percentiles, cash flow analysis, on-site analysis and the demographics of the practice. Not only will you save time, receive outstanding service, you will also benefit from our services that will help to greatly reduce legal costs, when you list your practice with Schiff Dental Brokerage.