A friendly update from Schiff & Associates, LLC!

What a difference a weekend makes! A lot has changed since last Friday. The purpose of this email is to bring you and your team up to date on the latest C-19 financial issues. I have also included many websites for your review as well as upcoming webinars that may be of help to you and your team.


States Update – From my understanding, the following states have recommended that dentists only see “emergency patients” and to consider closing over the next two (2) weeks: VA, DC, MA, and CA. I have not heard recommendations for MD, PA, NC, TX, MO, and WV at the time of this writing. If you are practicing in one of these states, you now have questions regarding compensation to you and your teams.


From Bent Eriksen’s website:

If the employer believes it is in their best interest to close the business, for any reason, but particularly for something like a Coronavirus/influenza outbreak, then they have the right to take that action. Whether or not the employees are paid while off work will depend on their exempt/non-exempt status.


Exempt employees (Salary employees):

If the absence is initiated by the employee (including for his or her own illness or that of someone for whom he or she is caring), the employer may dock the exempt employee for full-day absences only, provided no work of any kind is done during the course of the day, even from home, like checking and answering emails.

If the absence is initiated by the employer (e.g., the employee must stay home for a mandatory quarantine period, even though he or she is asymptomatic and willing to come to work, business closure), the employer may dock the exempt employee only for full seven-day absences that coincide with the employer’s pay week so long as no work is performed during that entire absence.


Non-exempt employees (Hourly Employees):

Pay may be docked for any and all non-work time.

Tim Twigg, President and Owner of Bent Ericksen & Assoc. Below is a hyperlink to Tim’s website, that will answer all of your questions regarding your employees.



If by chance you do not get your question answered, please call or email Tim at 541-685-9003  timtwigg@msn.com. Please also keep in mind, State Labor Laws will supersede Federal Laws. So, please check with the State Labor Board in the state you are practicing in.


Patient Office Protocol – If you do remain open, you may want to consider removing every other chair in your reception area, so you can create “social distancing”.


Banking – Each of you should have a line of credit. A line of credit (LOC) is designated by your banker to be used in difficult financial times. Now is the time to make sure your LOC is in place. I have spoken with all of the major banks that lend to dentists. If you are currently banking with BOA, Wells Fargo, PNC, M & T, etc, please continue to bank there and meet with your Loan Officer while discussing your line of credit with that financial institution. If on the other hand, you do not have any banking relationships, email me and I will put you in touch with a bank that may help you. Here is a “short list” of items that will be needed in order for the bank to determine your credit worthiness:

1)     Bank Application

2)     Personal Financial Statement

3)     2019 FYE P&L and Balance Sheet for all entities

4)     2019 W-2


Websites and other Resources

MSDA webinar

Coronavirus Disease 2019


Tuesday, March 17, 2020
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

COVID-19 and other Respiratory Viruses: What Every Dental Practice Needs to Know


March 17, 2020 7 PM EST

Alex Nottingham JD MBA, Founder, and CEO of All-Star Dental Academy, talks about how to best approach a crisis.


Commonwealth of Virginia

What Employers Need to Know About H.R. 6201



Your Website – You may want to inform your patients what your office policy is during this crisis.

Business Interruption Insurance




Journal of Dental Research





Let’s all pray this situation comes to an end real soon and we can return to normalcy!

Stay safe & healthy.