4 Ways to Increase Patient Flow | Best Dental CPA Towson MD

Marketing is at the heart of most business growth, but it is only the beginning. Even the best outreach efforts won’t advance your dental practice unless you can convert new leads into active patients. 

There are many reasons outside of your control that might stop someone from scheduling an appointment; however, make sure you are taking all possible measures to ensure they book with you and follow through. 

Here are four ways to help your team more effectively sell the value of your service to potential new patients: 

Be available and responsive: As a dental professional, you know what it’s like to be busy. Your patients have busy lives of their own, so it’s important that your team is available to take calls as

they come in and that you strive to offer flexible appointment times to accommodate the workweek. 

Offer a friendly and welcoming environment: As you well know, some people suffer from dental anxiety. Work to overcome this discomfort quickly by communicating in a warm, affirming and caring attitude with your marketing, over the phone, and in person. 

Make sure your team greets patients by their name and gets to know them. Ask patients during each step of a procedure how they are feeling. Offer sedation dentistry if you do not already. 

Don’t hard-sell a service: While you are expected to tout the benefits of the treatments you offer, patients are often turned off by pushy approaches, especially for elective procedures. Take the time to get to know each patient’s needs, treatment goals, and budget. Make them feel valued and understood, and you will increase the likelihood of treatment plan acceptance. 

Master the art of the follow-up: Repetition is one of the easiest techniques for cementing something into memory. If a potential new patient reaches out to your office, be sure to follow up if you don’t hear from them again. You never know the reason they didn’t call back; taking that extra step can offer a second chance to make a connection and help your practice stand out in their mind. 

Many dentists struggle to think about their practice as a business. It is likely that you chose dentistry because of a desire to serve and heal and did not think about sales and bookkeeping. Our dental CPA firm understands this so we offer ideas on tax savings, practice growth, and how to boost new patient numbers. 

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