Yisroel Ickovitz, CPA, Tax Manager

Dental CPA and Accounting Maryland - Yisroel Ickovitz

Yisroel Ickovitz, CPA, is a Tax Manager at Schiff & Associates, LLC. With extensive experience and a MD CPA credential, Yisroel brings valuable expertise to his role. He holds a Bachelor of Art in Talmudic Law from Ner Israel in Pikesville, MD, and is a member of professional organizations such as MACPA and AICPA – Tax Section.

Yisroel takes pride in helping his team excel and in providing clients with a clear understanding of tax concepts to make informed financial decisions. He has a practical and down-to-earth approach, simplifying complex tax concepts for clients’ ease. His clients appreciate his ability to explain tax concepts in a simple manner.

Yisroel enjoys working for Schiff & Associates, LLC because they prioritize the bigger financial picture, encompassing dental practices and individuals’ personal financial positions and goals. He is part of a great team of professionals who maintain a positive attitude.

With his expertise, Yisroel Ickovitz, CPA, is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and building trust-based professional relationships. His commitment to helping staff succeed and guiding clients through the complexities of taxation sets him apart in his role as Tax Manager at Schiff & Associates, LLC.