Linda Cooney, Accounting Manager

Dental CPA and Accounting Maryland - Linda Cooney

Linda Cooney is the Accounting Manager at Schiff & Associates, bringing valuable experience to the firm since 2006. With a BS degree from Salisbury University, Linda is a recognized industry professional.

Linda finds joy in her role through mentoring others and engaging with clients. Her professional yet approachable attitude, combined with prompt response times, earns her clients’ appreciation.

Outside of work, Linda enjoys outdoor activities like gardening, kayaking, and spending time at the beach and pool. Family time is also important to her, and she cherishes her home in Hereford, MD, as well as the tranquility of the Outer Banks, NC.

Linda is proud to work for Schiff & Associates, valuing the company’s industry recognition and the exceptional team she collaborates with. The combination of professional accolades and a supportive work environment makes her experience fulfilling.

With her extensive experience, mentoring skills, and commitment to client satisfaction, Linda Cooney excels as the Accounting Manager at Schiff & Associates.