Crystal Gallup, Senior Accountant

Dental CPA and Accounting Maryland - Crystal Gallup

Crystal Gallup is a Senior Accountant at Schiff and Associates, where she has demonstrated her expertise since 2000. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Accounting and a CPA certification earned in 2006, Crystal possesses a strong academic foundation to excel in her role.

As a Senior Accountant, Crystal finds immense fulfillment in being a collaborative partner with her clients. Building enduring relationships is at the core of her approach, and she takes pride in explaining intricate financial matters in ways that resonate with business owners. This skill empowers her clients to make well-informed decisions, leading to their success and growth.

What sets Crystal apart is her genuine interest in her clients’ lives beyond the numbers. She embraces a personalized approach, celebrating both professional achievements and personal milestones. This level of care and attention fosters trust and loyalty, making client interactions meaningful and impactful.

Beyond her professional achievements, Crystal is a dedicated mother of two sports-loving children. Cheering them on from the sidelines is one of her greatest joys. Additionally, Crystal is a passionate traveler, and she holds Aruba close to her heart as a cherished destination. When she’s not exploring new places, she delights in baking, indulging her creative side.

The dynamic team and supportive leadership at Schiff and Associates have played a pivotal role in Crystal’s career satisfaction. She has come to appreciate the significance of teamwork, and the cohesive environment at the firm has made accounting an integral part of her life.

With her unwavering commitment to her clients, her family, and her profession, Crystal Gallup remains a valuable asset to Schiff and Associates, Crystal’s ability to forge strong relationships and deliver exceptional results positions Schiff and Associates for continued achievements in the future.